How to Get FIFA Points From Preorder Bonus Content

by Kirti Rajput

Don’t know how to get 4600 FIFA Points from your preorder of FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it. The release date for FIFA 23 is coming up soon, and football game fans can’t wait to get their hands on the next version.

Many of you have probably already bought the game before it comes out. You’ll also get some much-needed FIFA Points if you preordered the Ultimate Edition.

This guide tells you when you’ll get 4,600 FIFA Points if you preorder the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition.

How to Get FIFA Points From Preorder Bonus Content

The FIFA 23 Web App and Companion App are now live, giving players access to the FUT 23 Transfer Market, Squad Building Challenges, and other things.

How to Get FIFA Points From Preorder Bonus Content

Now that the app is live, many players had hoped to start using the 4600 FIFA Points they got when they bought the Ultimate Edition. But they found out quickly that their FIFA Points were not yet there. Is this a bug or another problem? Don’t worry, it’s not a glitch, and you will eventually get your 4600 FIFA Points.

So, when will you get your 4600 FIFA Points for preordering the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition? They won’t be available until the game comes out, which is too bad.

People who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 will be able to play it on September 27. So, if you preordered, you’ll get your 4600 FIFA Points on September 27.

And the same is true for all of the bonus content in FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition. You won’t be able to get these items until Early Access starts.

Here’s a reminder of the extra content you’ll get if you preorder the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition:

  1. 4,600 points on FIFA
  2. 3 days before everyone else (Start playing FIFA 23 on September 27th)
  3. Untradeable FIFA Ultimate Team Ones to Watch: Player Mbappé Loaned for 5 Games Item FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick for 3 Games

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