How To Get Feathers In Raft: Complete Guide

by Narendra

Here is the complete details of How To Get Feathers In Raft.

In the game Raft, feathers are one of the materials that can be looted, but they cannot be crafted into anything. However, in order to create a number of other items, such as Beds and Hammocks, as well as Metal Arrows for hunting and Paint Brushes for decorating your house, you will need to acquire these.

How To Get Feathers In Raft

In the game, there are a few ways to find feathers in raft. The first way is to get them from a seagull’s nest.

Seagulls will often fly around your raft to try to get your crops. You can use them to make a Birds Nest by combining 6 Palm Leaves, 6 Planks, and 1 Giant Clam.

Put the Birds Nest on your raft’s wall. Then, there will be a chance that Seagulls will land in your Bird’s Nest, and you can take their feathers.

By pulling in flotsam or floating barrels, you can get palm leaves and planks from the sea. There are giant clams in the water. To find them, you will have to swim all the way to the bottom of the ocean, especially near islands.

The second way to get Feathers is to kill birds and take their feathers. If you loot a dead Seagull, you’ll get 6x Feather, but if you loot a dead Screecher, you’ll get 12x Feather.

You can do both, but killing birds is likely to give you more Feathers for the time you spend. It will take some time for seagulls to build their nests.

You can also get several game achievements by killing birds. In order to get the “Expert Bird Hunter” achievement, you have to kill 50 Birds. To get the achievement “Expert Screecher Hunter,” you have to kill 50 Screechers. So you might be able to get rid of two problems at once.


How do you get a bird to lay an egg in a raft?

After being caught and tamed with the Net Launcher, Cluckers lay eggs. Once a Clucker is caught, it lays an egg every 240–360 seconds, which is about 4–6 minutes.

What do birds nests do raft?

Seagulls can rest in the nest, which can be made and put in place. When a seagull leaves its nest, it may leave behind up to three feathers. At any given time, you can only have two Seagulls on your raft. They will choose at random whether to nest or attack your scarecrows and crops.

What do raft chickens eat?

Just like Goats and Llamas, they can be caught on land with a Net Launcher. After catching them, the player can change their names and move them to a different place. Once the Clucker has eaten from a Grass Plot, it will start laying Eggs.

How do you use the Scarecrow in the raft?

The Scarecrow is used as a distraction. Seagulls will attack the Scarecrow instead of crops that are close by. The seagulls can attack the scarecrow up to three times if the player doesn’t scare them away.