How to Get Elevator Legendary Chest Temple of Light in God of War Ragnarok

by Anchal Thakur

You’ll find a lot of things to collect, but the most important ones will be different chests. There are a lot of useful items in legendary chests, so it’s important to find and open as many as you can.

In this guide, we show you how to use the White Marble to solve the puzzle in the elevator and get to the Legendary Chest in the Temple of Light.

How to Get Elevator Legendary Chest Temple of Light in God of War Ragnarok

During your adventures in God of War Ragnarok, your fate will lead you to the Temple of Light in Alfheim. This beautiful and mysterious place will make you feel like you’re in a dream.

Don’t be fooled, though. It’s also a very old and powerful place. And both Light Elves and Dark Elves care about it. After you, Tyr, and Atreus deal with some uncooperative elves, you will be able to freely explore the central area.

You can get to the side area by going up the stairs and through the door. Turn left and go down when you see a Light Door.

There, you’ll find a GoW Ragnarok Temple of Light elevator puzzle. That is, if you want to get to the Legendary Chest in the Temple of Light.

Gof of War Ragnarok Temple of Light Elevator Solution

The puzzle is not too hard. You’ve seen Twilight Stones (also called Purple Crystals) before. You know that when your axe hits them, it bounces off and goes the other way.

So, you’ll need a Twilight Stone (Purple Crystal) to do some math and land in the right place. By doing it, you’ll eventually be able to bring the lift down and get to the Temple of Light Legendary Chest.

So what should you do? As Tyr hinted, the white marble behind the grate that covers the lift is important to solving the puzzle. But some players might not understand what that “wall” part means.

Some people might confuse the bright stone surface behind the Twilight Stone with the “white marble wall” that Tyr talked about.

Hit a marble stone behind the lift. This is what you need to do. This can be done with your Axe. If you hit the Twilight Stone at the right angle, the axe will bounce into the marble and get stuck there.

Then, you need to use the chains again to move the elevator so that the metal ring with white runes on top of the lift is between you and your axe (which is stuck into the marble).

Let Kratos now call his axe back to him. On its way back, the axe will hit the ring above the lift, which will break it and cause the lift to fall.

So, that’s all. That’s how to solve the elevator puzzle in the Temple of Light in GoW Ragnarok. Now, just go down to the lift, open your Temple of Light Legendary Chest, and enjoy your reward, the Hilt of Gram relic.