How to Get Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23

by Narendra

How to Get Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23 : There are only a few things that can compare to the thrill of dunking in a basketball game, whether in real life or in a video game. The psychological boost provided by smashing the ball through the hoop while dominating the opponent can easily turn the tide in any match.

How to Get Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23

The Dunk Meter returns in NBA 2K23, but it appears to be more difficult to use than before. If you don’t know how to get the Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23, follow the instructions below.

How to Get Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23

The dunking meter is back in NBA 2K23 this year. The Meter functions similarly to the Shot Meter and other “scales” in NBA 2K23.

The meter will appear once you begin a movement, and you must correctly time your action (in this case, a dunk, alley-oop, or layup) so that it hits the green portion of the gauge.

On paper, it appears simple. However, it appears that this year will be more difficult than ever before.

But first and foremost. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to activate the Dunk Meter in NBA 2K23. The following is the correct button sequence to press:

  1. Hold down the “Turbo” button (the R2 or RT trigger)
  2. While driving to the basket, flick the right stick up.
  3. Flick down when the dunk animation begins, but you must be quick.
  4. Flick down twice more quickly and hold it down.

That’s all there is to it; you “only” need to do that. However, as you’ll quickly discover, this combination is extremely skill-intensive, and you’ll need a lot of patience and practice to master it. “It’s a Mortal Kombat combo,” one player said. Give it some time and practice your muscle memory, reflexes, and timing.