How to Get Doodle Axolotl in Pet Simulator X

by Narendra

How to Get Doodle Axolotl in Pet Simulator X: In this guide, we’ll give you an idea of how much each version of this pet is worth and tell you how to get one. If you have a lot of luck and keep trying, that is.

At the time of writing, it was thought that the regular version of Doodle Axolotl was worth about 20 million Diamonds. The Golden version is worth about 75 million Diamonds, the Rainbow about 270 million, and the Dark Matter Doodle Axolotl probably around 1 billion Diamonds.

How to Get Doodle Axolotl in Pet Simulator X

Keep in mind that these numbers are just a guess. Also, the price might go down a little because there’s a new way to get one of these pets (more on that in the next section).

The Doodle Axolotl is still very rare, though, so its value might not drop all that much, if at all. So, let’s move on to the next point…

How to Get a Doodle Axolotl in Pet Simulator X

In Pet Simulator X, you need to hatch either Tropical Doodle Eggs or Barn Doodle Eggs to get a Doodle Axolotl. When the Axolotl was added to the game on January 13, you could get this pet from the Tropical Egg.

But since the Neon Update came out on January 21, you also have a chance to get a Doodle Axolotl from Barn Doodle Eggs.

As we said in the last part, it’s still very, very rare. So much so that the official wiki can’t even say how many eggs actually hatch. So, even if you have two places to look for the Doodle Axolotl, your chances aren’t very good.