How To Get Continental Coins In Payday 2

by Narendra

How To Get Continental Coins In Payday 2: Payday 2 is one of the few games that always delivers when it comes to heists. Putting you in some of the best heists that you can play alone or with your friends. Either way, it’s never been more fun to do something that’s wrong. Safe houses and continental coins were added to the game to make it more difficult. You can earn these in the game and use them to buy all kinds of upgrades. But in Payday 2, how do you get the Continental coins? How do you get the most of them in the game? We’ll show you how to get Continental coins and the best way to farm them in this guide.

What Are Continental Coins and How to Get Them?

The Assasin’s Guild in Payday 2 is based on the movie John Wick, and Continental coins are like membership cards for the guild. Each of these coins is worth about $1,000.

We used to only be able to use Continental coins to upgrade safe house rooms and buy certain weapons on the black market, but now we can do a lot more with them.

How To Get Continental Coins In Payday 2

By using XP

For every 500,000 XP you earn, you can get one Continental coin. This is different from Crime Spree and is one of the longest ways to earn Continental Coins. But it works the same way every time, so you can depend on it.

Safehouse Side Jobs

Each side job in the safehouse will give you 6 Continental coins when you finish it. Most of the time, these aren’t very hard challenges. Remember that 6 coins should be your goal if you want to get coins as quickly as possible.

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Raids on Safehouses

You can also get coins by raiding other safe houses while you protect your own. You should be able to get a nice stack of coins whenever you need them if you protect your own safe house and any others that show up on your map. You get 6 coins each time you successfully raid a house or protect your own or someone else’s.

Achievement Milestones

When you reach a certain goal, you will get Continental coins and other rewards. Just like with XP, this is a surefire way to earn Continental coins in the game.


For every trophy you earn in the game, you can get 6 Continental coins. Like achievements, this will also let you get new furniture or other items. Check out the Payday 2 Wiki if you want to know how to get some of the easier trophies.

Career Mode

Career mode, which is also called “Story mode,” is a campaign that will take you through most of the game’s heists. This is one of the best ways in the game to get Continental coins. Every time you finish an assignment, this will give you 6 coins.

Crime Wave

Crime Spree is one of Payday 2’s most difficult ways to get coins. To play, you’ll need some coins, but it’s worth it even if you’re just an average player. The risk is worth it for what you get back. You will soon see that you are winning more than you are losing. So, the risk you take will give you more in return.

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