How to Get Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley

by Anchal Thakur

How to Get Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Disney Dreamlight Valley has a lot of ingredients to find, and with each update, more are added. The Coffee Bean is one of these new ingredients.

Players can see it on the list of ingredients, but they don’t know where or how to get the Coffee Bean or if it’s even possible to do so right now. We will tell you everything we know about the Coffee Bean in Disney Dreamlight Valley in this guide.

How to Get Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley

We finally got access to Coffee Beans! We have to say that we went back in time and set the date to December 17th by hand.

Once we unlocked Stitch and raised his level of friendship to 4, we could start a new quest. During the quest, Stitch will tell you that he is so tired and wants coffee! In Disney Dreamlight Walley, you’ll plant a coffee tree and get your first Coffee Beans.

How to Get Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley

With Stitch, this ingredient could be added to the game. After all, Maui brought coconuts into the game, so Stitch might do the same. In the first movie, Lilo gave Stitch coffee in a baby bottle. So, it’s not that far-fetched.

Second, since it says that the Coffee Beans can be found in The Plaza, this could mean that you need to do a quest first before you can get them. The fact that the Coffee Beans are in a bag could also mean that they will be sold somewhere.

Lastly, an image from the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Discord says that Coffee Beans have been unlocked and that you need Shrimp and Lettuce to get them.

So take that with a big grain of salt, because it’s easy to make something up. This picture can be seen below. Any way you look at it, Coffee Beans are definitely coming to the game soon.

And when they do, we’ll add new information to this guide about how and where to find Coffee Beans.

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