How to Get 5 hearts in Candy Diver Cookie Run Kingdom Cake Shop Lvl 5

by Kirti Rajput

Candy Diver Cookie Cake With Symbols: A new event called the Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop has just been added to Cookie Run Kingdom. You will be in charge of running a cake shop in it.

Of course, this means baking cakes for the people who live in Cookie. The Cookies will tell you what they want, and it will be up to you to make the cakes that they want. For each cake you bake, you need five hearts.

This is easy to do most of the time, but when you reach Lvl 5, Candy Diver Cookie will ask you to do something strange with symbols. Here’s how to make the Candy Diver Cookie Run Kingdom Cake Shop Level 5 with Symbols cake.

How to Get 5 hearts in Candy Diver Cookie Run Kingdom Cake Shop Lvl 5

Candy Diver Cookie is one of the most interesting people in Cookie Run Kingdom, as you already know. This is because this Cookie doesn’t talk in words, but only in jumbled symbols.

So, it can be hard to figure out what Candy Diver Cookie wants for their cake. To make things even more confusing, there are different symbols for different ingredients.

If the symbols are black, that means they are filled with chocolate. And if they are completely clear, they are milk cream.

And now, let’s talk about how to solve Candy Diver. The first group of symbols is made up of two rows of squares that are all black. This means that you have to make the cake with two layers of chocolate.

Three triangles come next. In our case, the triangles were white on the inside, which means you need three frostings of milk. Last, there are four black stars, which stand for the four chocolate stars.

Again, pay close attention to whether the symbols are black (which means you need chocolate) or white (which means you don’t need chocolate). You should get five stars if you have done everything right.

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