How to Fix Old Friend, Stuck in Yggdrasil God of War Ragnarok

by Kirti Rajput

Stuck in Yggdrasil God of War Ragnarok: Now that God of War Ragnarok is out, players can go anywhere in the game world whenever they want. Yggdrasil, the mythical World Tree, can be used to get from one realm to another.

But for some players, this isn’t working the way it was meant to. In particular, you won’t get the door inside Yggdrasil that should take you to another realm.

Instead, the game will go wrong and the door won’t show up. This is the same as a Realm Travel Softlock, so you can’t move forward in the game.

Most of the time, it happens during the Old Friends quest. So, how do you fix the bug that keeps God of War Ragnarok from leaving Yggdrasil Old Friends? Right here is the answer.

Old Friend, Stuck in Yggdrasil God of War Ragnarok

This bug can happen at any point during the game. But the Old Friends quest seems to be the place where it happens most often.

The door in the hall of Yggdrasil doesn’t always appear when Atreus needs to go to Midgard. Even worse, this problem doesn’t seem to be fixed by loading a save or going back to a checkpoint. So, what should be done? Well, you can try a couple of things to fix it.

Several players have said that after reloading the game several times and even turning the console off and on again, they were able to get this to work.

But this isn’t always the case, and it took some players an hour of tinkering and reloading before they figured it out. The second idea seems much more likely to work.

It will also take a lot longer to do because you will have to completely uninstall GOWR and then reinstall it from scratch. In any case, we hope that Santa Monica Studio will fix this glitch soon with a patch or hotfix.