How to Fix “Mission Aborted” in Darktide?

by Narendra

Are you getting “Mission Aborted” error in Warhammer 40000 Darktide?

When I was playing Darktide, I played the mission and won it. But after that, the game wouldn’t let me win the mission and gave me an error that said “Mission Aborted.” And also I didn’t get rewarded.

The full error message is “Mission Aborted: Sorry, but your mission has ended because of an expected error.”

We’ll talk about why Mission failed in Darktide and how to fix it in this guide.

How to Fix “Mission Aborted” in Darktide?

It’s not clear what caused mission aborted error. Most of the time, this happens because of a bug in darktide.

Also, if you keep getting “mission aborted” error messages, it means there is a bug in the game.

You have to tell the support team about the problem and wait until the bug is fixed in the next patch.

But you can try the following things:

  1. Close and reopen the game. Sometimes, minor technical problems can be fixed by closing and reopening the Darktide game. This may also fix the “Mission Aborted” error.
  2. Check internet connection: You need a stable internet connection to play Darktide. You should have a stable internet connection.
  3. Try joining the mission again: If the Mission Aborted error keeps coming up, you can try joining the mission again after a few minutes. This can sometimes fix the error and allow you to move on in the game.

Reason behind Mission Aborted in Darktide?

Reason 1: Problems with the server

There may be technical problems with the Darktide game server, which causes the Mission Aborted error.

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Reason 2: Problems connecting to the network

If the game can’t connect to the internet or there are other problems with the network, the “Mission Aborted” error will show up.

Reason 3: Bugs in the game

There may be a bug in the Darktide game that makes the Mission Aborted error message appear.

Many players also complained about the same problem on forums like:

“I’ve had two missions end on the victory screen, and it’s really fucking annoying. This is a waste of time because you get nothing out of it.”

“Is anyone else having this happen? I’ve now seen this message twice on the rewards screen after a mission is over, but I didn’t get any XP for it.

“This also happened to me today. If that makes you feel better, the mission will be canceled and everyone will lose their experience points. I was with three other people, and we all lost.”

“I finished a mission, but I didn’t get any exp or ordo, and I got an error message that said “mission aborted” and reset my experience bar to 0. Even though task progress was given every week.”