How to Fix Error Code WS-117387-7 on PlayStation 5

by Narendra

Are you having trouble with your PlayStation 5 and getting the WS-117387-7 error message? Don’t feel bad, you’re not the only one.

People who use PlayStation 5 often run into this error code, but it’s easy to fix. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix your PlayStation 5’s Error Code WS-117387-7.

What Happens When Error Code WS-117387-7 on PlayStation 5

  1. The PlayStation 5 crashes, and the error code comes up on the screen.
  2. The system freezes or gets stuck and stops working.
  3. The running game or application stops working.

Error Code WS-117387-7 Reasons

Error Code WS-117387-7 may show up on your PlayStation 5 for a number of reasons. Among the most common reasons:

  1. Not enough space on the hard drive: The error code can show up if there isn’t enough space on the hard drive to install the game or app.
  2. Corrupted game or application data: The error code may show up if the game or application data is corrupted.
  3. Problems with the network: Problems with the network can also cause the error code to show up.

How to Fix Error Code WS-117387-7 on PlayStation 5

Here’s how to fix your PlayStation 5’s Error Code WS-117387-7:

1. Check hard drive space: Make sure that your PlayStation 5 has enough hard drive space. If you don’t have enough room, delete some files or games that you don’t need to make room for the game or app you want to install.

2. Restart your PlayStation 5: Sometimes, if you restart your PlayStation 5, the problem will go away. Just turn off your PlayStation 5, remove the power cord, and wait a minute. Then reconnect it and turn it back on.

3. Clear cache: If your PlayStation 5 is having trouble, clearing the cache can help. Go to the settings menu, click “Storage,” and then click “System Storage.” Next, choose “Applications,” and then choose the game or app that’s giving you trouble. The last step is to click “Delete” and then “OK.”

4. Make sure your PlayStation 5 is connected to a stable network by checking its network connection. If you’re having trouble connecting, try turning off and on your router or modem.

5. Reinstall the game or app: If the above steps don’t fix the problem, try reinstalling the game or app. Go to “Settings,” then “Storage,” and then “Games and Applications.” Then, choose the game or app that is causing the error and click “Delete.” The last step is to download and install the game or app again.


Error Code WS-117387-7 on the PlayStation 5 can be annoying, but it’s easy to fix by going through the steps above. If the problem still happens after you’ve tried these things, you may need to contact PlayStation support for more help.

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