How to fix Error Code 2813-0988 Nintendo Switch

by Narendra

How to fix Error Code 2813-0988 Nintendo Switch: You don’t want to see the Nintendo Error Code 2813-0988 when you’re using your Nintendo Switch. Recently, the well-known Nintendo console has been having more problems than usual.

In 2022, the Nintendo eShop-related Switch Error Code 2813-0988 is one of the most common. In this guide, we explain in detail what this error code is, why it happens, and what you can do to fix it.

How to fix Error Code 2813-0988 Nintendo Switch

When people try to use the Nintendo eShop, they get the 2813-0988 error. You would try to connect to the eShop, but you wouldn’t be able to, so you wouldn’t be able to look at what you want to buy. Instead, you would see a message with this error instead.

The message that goes along with this error says, “An error has happened. Try again another time. If the problem keeps happening, try again after restarting Nintendo eShop. If restarting doesn’t fix the problem, go to the Nintendo Support Website.”

So, it makes sense that the first thing you should try to fix the problem is to restart the eShop. But that probably won’t help in any way. The second thing you can do is turn your Switch off and on again. We’re pretty sure this won’t fix the problem as well, but it’s a standard step, so we’ll do it anyway. So, what can you do to fix the problem with the Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813-0988?

This has nothing to do with you, though. It’s a problem with the server. On the official Nintendo Support website, it says, “This error means that the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch is likely having a temporary service outage.”

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This means that the Nintendo servers are having trouble, which is affecting all online services, including the eShop.

Check the official Network Maintenance Information page to see if there are any problems with Nintendo servers. If the page says there’s a problem, that’s why you’re getting the Nintendo Error Code 2813-0988. In that case, just wait until the servers come back online, and then try to connect to the eShop again.