How to fix Error 10-0x00000 in Rainbow Six Siege

by Narendra

How to fix Error 10-0x00000 in Rainbow Six Siege: Looking for a way to fix Rainbow Six Siege error 10-0x00000? Since it came out in 2015, R6 Seige has been Ubisoft’s most popular competitive online game by a long shot.

The game is still going strong because it has fun tactical battles, a wide variety of Operators, and regular updates every three months. There are still some problems with the game, though.

Most of them are annoying, but server problems are the worst. This guide explains what error 10-0x00000 in R6S means and suggests a few ways to fix it.

How to fix Error 10-0x00000 in Rainbow Six Siege

This error is one of the most frustrating things that can happen in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Most of the time, this happens when you try to log in to a game or look at your personal account information.

Players can’t get into the game at all, or sometimes they can only get to the menu screen and nothing else. Not only that, but their level is reset and they can’t unlock any operators.

It’s easy to see why this could make a lot of players panic, since it’s not fun to see your Operators go missing. So, the first thing we want to make sure you know is that you don’t need to worry about that. Your characters haven’t been deleted; it’s just a problem with R6S Error 10-0x00000.

So, what can be done? From what we’ve learned, the usual way to fix problems with a network won’t work in this case. This includes restarting your game, PC/console, router, and so on.

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Even though going through the troubleshooting steps is never a bad idea, you can do it anyway if you want to. Port Forwarding is what you need to do, as a number of players have said that this fixed the problem for them. Here are the ports that Rainbow Six: Siege needs: