How to Fix Controller Not Working in Need for Speed Unbound on PC

by Narendra

Controller Not Working in Need for Speed Unbound: If you’re having trouble with the controller in Need for Speed Unbound on PC, you’re not the only one. The early access version of NFS Unbound came out on Tuesday, and since then, many players have been having problems with their controllers.

In NFS Unbound, there are a lot of annoying problems, like the controller not being recognized and buttons not working the way they should. Continue reading to learn how to fix the problem of the NFS Unbound Controller Not Working on PC.

Controller Not Working in Need for Speed Unbound

Controller Not Working in Need for Speed Unbound

The main reason why the NFS Unbound controller doesn’t work on PC is because the game doesn’t have good native PC controller support.

Some players’ controllers would work normally and then stop working all of a sudden. For some, buttons stopped doing what they were supposed to and did something else instead.

This problem seems to happen most often for people who play the game through the Epic Games Store or EA Play (ex Origin). In this situation, many players suggest setting up your controller in Steam.

Even if you don’t own the game on Steam, you can still add it to your library as a non-Steam game.

And then go to Steam Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings. There is where you set up your controller.

If this doesn’t work, you can try the opposite. Some players say that you should turn off Steam if you don’t own NFS Unbound on Steam and are playing the game on other platforms.

That’s because Steam might recognize your controller and load different controller setup, which could mess with your in-game settings.

So, you might be able to fix the “NFS Unbound Controller Not Working” problem if you turn Steam off while playing on Epic Games or Origin.

Also, some players say that the problem went away when they switched from Bluetooth to a cable connection.

Lastly, make sure that your PC doesn’t have any other input devices connected while you’re playing the game. For now, this is the only thing you can possibly do to fix the problem. If you know of another way, please tell us about it in the comments.

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