How to Fix CE-107880-4 Error & Download Pre Order Bonus in Saints Row

by Narendra

How to Fix CE-107880-4 Error & Download Pre Order Bonus in Saints Row: Don’t know how to fix the PS5 error Saints Row CE-107880-4? We’ll take care of you! All platforms, including the PS5, now have the 2022 Saints Row reboot.

Some PS5 players are having trouble getting to their pre-order and gold/platinum edition content at launch, though. The Idols Anarchy Pack and the Saints Criminal Customs Pack are both part of the content you get when you pre-order.

Here’s a possible way to fix the problem if you can’t install the pre-order bonus content and instead get the message “Something went wrong” with the error code CE-107880-4.

How to Fix CE-107880-4 Error & Download Pre Order Bonus in Saints Row

Downloading pre-order content and other add-ons is usually done through the “Manage Game Content” menu. You choose your game from the main PlayStation menu, click on the Options button, and then choose “Manage Game Content” from the drop-down menu.

But this doesn’t seem to work for the Saints Row pre-order content or the Gold and Platinum editions. The CE-107880-4 error shows up when a player tries to download and install pre-order bonus content.

From what we heard from different sources, this problem seems to affect PS5 players the most.

And it’s not just for the content you buy ahead of time. Some players say they can’t install the Los Panteros bundle or the expansion pass, which comes with the Gold and Platinum editions. So, is there anything that can be done? At the moment, only one method is known to work well as a workaround.

Reddit user The Vision says that downloading the game directly from the PS store app on your phone or the PS Store website “should force the game to download the content onto your console.”

So, for now, that’s the best way to solve this problem. If that doesn’t help, you’ll have to wait until the developers fix the problem on their own.

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