How to Find the Oracle Children in Oracles Refuge

by Narendra

How to Find the Oracle Children in Oracles Refuge: In the exciting world of Remnant 2, there’s a special place called Oracles Refuge. Here, you can find the wise Oracle of the Dran and her lost children. Join us on this adventure as we explore how to locate them and unlock some fantastic rewards!

Oracles Refuge is a rare and mysterious location in Losomn, one of the four-end points of the Earth in Remnant 2. Inside this place, you’ll meet the Oracle of the Dran, an important character who won’t interact with you until you find her lost children.

To unlock the prestigious inventories and receive exclusive items, you must complete a series of exciting events.

How to Find the Oracle Children in Oracles Refuge

To find the Oracle Children in Oracles Refuge, head to Brocwithe Quarter, locate and follow the blue icons on the minimap. Return to Oracle Refuge after finding both children to receive rewards.

Step 1: Head to Brocwithe Quarter

Start your journey by heading towards Brocwithe Quarter in Losomn. The Beatific Palace will lead you there.

Step 2: Locate the First Child

Once you’re in Brocwithe Quarter, explore the area and eliminate any enemies in your way. Follow the blue mark on the minimap to locate the first lost Dran Child.

Step 3: Find the Second Child

Having safely found the first child, proceed to the next part of the adventure. Eliminate more enemies and follow the blue icon on the minimap to discover the second lost Dran Child.

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Step 4: Return to Oracle Refuge

With both children safely found, head back to Oracle Refuge. There, you can finally have a conversation with the wise Oracle.

Step 5: Claim the Recovery Trait

As a reward for your bravery and kindness, the Oracle will grant you the Recovery trait. This special ability significantly boosts your stamina regeneration.

Step 6: Complete 12 Exciting Events

The Oracle can also offer you the Patchwork Quilt, but to obtain it, you must complete 12 challenging events. These events include encounters with formidable foes like the Nightweaver, Bloat King, Faelin/Faerin, and the Red Prince.

Step 7: Earn the Infinite Consumable

After successfully completing all 12 events, return to Oracle Refuge to receive the Infinite Consumable. This prestigious item grants you significant advantages against potent enemies in battle. You can use it for unlimited time, providing character buffs, increased damage, and various other helpful features.


Congratulations, young adventurer! You’ve successfully found the Oracle Children in Oracles Refuge and earned fantastic rewards. Remember, the world of Remnant 2 is full of mysteries and exciting quests. Your bravery and determination will lead you to even greater adventures and achievements. Keep exploring, stay courageous, and let the magic of Remnant 2 guide you on unforgettable journeys!