How to Find Lost Samsung Galaxy Buds

by Narendra

Samsung galaxy buds are small and it’s easy to be lost in home below pillow or forget somewhere you recently visited. Don’t worry, Thanks to the latest features that allow us to find the lost Samsung galaxy TWS within a few minutes. Here you might have two situations first the Samsung galaxy buds is connected with your smartphone and the other is your Samsung galaxy buds are not connected. Here in this article, we will discuss both cases to find lost Samsung galaxy buds.

How to Find Lost Samsung Galaxy Buds When Connected

If you recently misplaced the Samsung galaxy buds in your home, office, club, or road and you are able to connect with your buds through Bluetooth then it becomes so easy to find out where is the lost Samsung galaxy buds. All thanks to the galaxy wearable feature app that you can install on your smartphone. Let me show you the step-by-step procedure.

Step: 1 Firstly, install the galaxy wearable app on your smartphone then click on it.

Step: 2 Now at bottom there is option of “Find my earbuds” Click on that.

Step: 3 Now as you click on find my earbuds and if it’s connected via Bluetooth then you’ll see the map and options of navigate and ring.

Step: 4 After that click on ring to make the sound on earbuds or you can also navigate to proper location of lost earbuds.

Step: 5 If you find out the lost galaxy buds then click on stop that will stop making beep sound in the earbuds.

Note: This method only works when your earbuds are under the range of 32 feet and still have enough battery to be connected via Bluetooth. If both conditions do not correct then it’s hard to find out using this app. For that, you can check out next solution below.

How to Find Lost Samsung Galaxy Buds When Not Connected

If you lost Samsung galaxy buds and are not able to connect with them via Bluetooth then the one important option left for you is to determine the location of the buds where it lost. Let me show you how to find lost samsung galaxy buds.

Step:1 Install the galaxy wearable app and open it.

Step: 2 Now go to the option “Find my earbuds” it will open new window of smart things find.

Step: 3 Now here you’ll get the last location where you’re using your galaxy buds last time.

Step: 4 For more accuracy you can take help of map and get the accurate last location of buds and click on navigate button.

Step: 5 After you visit that place, click on the search nearby option that will scan the area and if earbuds are under 30 feet then it will catch and let you know.

Hope you’ll get lost galaxy earbuds

These were some of the methods and steps you can follow to reach and find the lost Samsung galaxy buds within a few minutes. If galaxy buds have no battery then it’s hard to track the buds in that area. But yeah if the battery is enough then you can easily track it by following the above method.

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