How to Find Lost Key for Woman in Hidden Village

by Ami Dalsania

How to Find Lost Key for Woman in Hidden Village: When you finish the prologue mission in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you’ll be able to go to the Hidden Village, which is where your character will spend most of their time.

There, you might meet some interesting people, such as a Hermit of Tianzhu who has lost her key. In this Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taoist’s Backyard Key guide, we tell you where the woman in the Hidden Village can find the Lost Key.

How to Find Lost Key for Woman in Hidden Village

So, where is the Hermit of Tianzhu lady’s lost key in the Hidden Village? The woman says, “I can’t remember where I lost it.” She adds, “It probably fell out of my pocket when I was training on the mountain.”

And that’s all we know so far. Behind her is her house, which is locked and you need the key to get in. And if you look in the back yard, you’ll find lots of things to take.

Before we go on, you should know that there will be some small spoilers. But since you looked this up online, you’re probably fine with that. So, let’s not waste any more time and find out where the lost key is.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Taoist’s House Key Location

First of all, you should know that this poor woman has lost not just one, but two keys! One for the house and the other for her backyard.

During the “Search of the Immortal Wizard” mission/level, you’ll find the key to the lady’s house. It happens right after you beat the mini-boss crocodile (or alligator?) in the cave near the end of the level.

When you leave the cave, there are two stone lanterns at the exit. Behind one of the stone lanterns is the key to the house. Check out the pictures below to get a better idea of where you are.

Taoist’s Backyard Key Location

“Taoist’s Backyard Key” is the name of the second key. And you won’t find it until you’ve played the game for dozens of hours. “War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely” is the name of the level where you’ll find this Hidden Village lost key.

This level is pretty straight forward. At one point, you’ll come to an entrance that looks like the head of a dragon. This leads to the catacombs.

The path inside the catacombs is mostly straight, but there are some turns that lead to the same place. At one point, you’ll see an alcove in the wall that leads to a short dead end.

Look at the picture below to find out where to look. You’ll find the “Taoist’s Backyard Key” at the end of that dead end. And that’s our Lost Key to the Hidden Village for the Hermit of Tianzhu.