How to Find Lost Dran Child in Remnant 2? Step By Step

by Kirti Rajput

How to Find Lost Dran Child in Remnant 2: Remnant 2 is full of exciting quests and adventures, and one of the most heartwarming quests involves helping the Lost Dran Children. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find these adorable kids and earn the valuable Recovery trait!

In the bustling Brocwithe Quarter, you’ll encounter infected enemies and friendly NPCs ready to interact with you. One special character, the Oracle of Dran, has a touching quest that involves reuniting the Lost Dran Children with their guardian. Let’s embark on this noble quest!

How to Find a Lost Dran Child in Remnant 2

To find Lost Dran Children in Remnant 2, complete the Oracle of Dran quest. Explore the map, locate and follow the children back to the Oracle for a heartwarming reunion and reward.

Step 1: Meeting the Oracle of Dran

Look out for an old woman named the Oracle of Dran, who can often be found engrossed in her knitting. Approach her, but remember that she won’t talk to you right away. There’s a quest you must complete first!

Step 2: The Oracle’s Quest

The Oracle’s quest, called “Oracle of the Dran,” is about finding the Lost Dran Children scattered across the map. You’ll need to bring back two of these little ones to complete the task. The tricky part is that their exact locations are unknown, so you’ll have to explore the map diligently.

Step 3: Seek and Find

As you venture through the world of Remnant 2, be on the lookout for these Lost Dran Children. When you encounter one of them, they might get a bit scared and run away from you. Don’t worry, they’re just a little shy! Your task is to follow them as they lead you back to the Oracle of Dran.

Step 4: Reuniting the Children

Once you’ve successfully followed the Lost Dran Child back to the Oracle, the heartwarming reunion will take place. The child will be safe and sound, thanks to your guidance. You’ve just completed an act of kindness in the world of Remnant!

Step 5: A Rewarding Conclusion

After the reunion, take a moment to speak with the Oracle of Dran. She’ll express her gratitude and reward you for your efforts. Your long-awaited prize is the Recovery trait, a valuable ability that significantly boosts your stamina regeneration.


In Remnant 2, being a hero isn’t just about defeating enemies or uncovering treasures. It’s also about making a positive impact on the lives of others. By helping the Lost Dran Children and earning the Recovery trait, you’ve proven yourself as a true champion of compassion and bravery.

So, young adventurer, continue exploring the world of Remnant 2, knowing that your acts of kindness make a difference. Your journey is filled with endless possibilities, and you never know what incredible quests and rewards await you next! Happy adventuring!

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