How to Find Last Fauna Starfield 100% Planet Survey ?

by Ekta

How to Find Last Fauna Starfield 100% Planet Survey ? Exploring the vast expanse of Starfield is a thrilling adventure filled with countless mysteries and wonders. Among the many goals that await cosmic explorers, achieving a 100% planet survey stands as a significant milestone.

Yet, as many fellow travelers can attest, it’s often that one missing fauna that keeps us from reaching that perfect score. Fear not, fellow cosmic adventurers, for we have gathered a set of strategies and tips to help you in your quest to find that elusive creature and complete your planet survey. Let’s embark on this journey together.

How to Find Last Fauna Starfield 100% Planet Survey ?

Tip 1: Change Biomes

Starfield’s planets are a diverse tapestry of biomes, each harboring unique fauna. When you receive the “Biome Complete” message, it’s an indication that you’ve successfully scanned everything in your current biome. However, the elusive last fauna might be lurking in a different biome. To increase your chances of finding it, transition from one biome to another. This strategy not only expands your search but also allows you to experience the full spectrum of the planet’s biodiversity.

Patience and Persistence

Tip 2: Walk Slowly

In the bustling universe of Starfield, the urge to sprint from one discovery to another is ever-present. However, it’s precisely this haste that can obscure our view of elusive creatures. Rapid movement might deter fauna from revealing themselves or even spawning at all. To counter this, adopt a more leisurely pace. Walk slowly through the landscape or, better yet, stand still in an area. This change in approach encourages fauna to spawn and increases your chances of spotting and scanning them.

Exploring the Hidden Realms

Tip 3: Check Caves

Beneath the planet’s surface lies a mysterious world of caves and subterranean passages. These dark and labyrinthine environments are often home to unique life forms that can elude the keenest of explorers. Equip your exploration gear, venture into the depths, and explore caves thoroughly. The creature you seek might be lurking in the shadows, waiting to be discovered. Caves hold secrets, and by delving into their recesses, you increase your odds of completing your planet survey.

Beneath the Rippling Waves

Tip 4: Scan Water

Starfield’s planets are adorned with vast bodies of water, from serene lakes to rushing rivers and expansive oceans. These aquatic realms are teeming with life, both familiar and exotic. Stand by the water’s edge and engage your scanning device. Bodies of water often conceal aquatic life forms, and with patience and persistence, you can scan these captivating creatures. Completing your planet survey requires exploring every facet of the planet, and the waters hold their own share of mysteries.

The Art of Patience

Tip 5: Be Patient

Some creatures in Starfield are small, timid, or easily startled. In such cases, patience becomes your most valuable asset. If you suspect that the last missing fauna is nearby, give it the time it needs to appear. Move slowly, maintain your distance, and approach with care. A calm and patient approach significantly enhances your chances of a successful scan. Remember, the universe has its own rhythm, and sometimes it simply takes a little longer for its hidden wonders to reveal themselves.

The Unpredictable Universe

Tip 6: Be Aware of Bugs

In the ever-expansive universe of Starfield, surprises are aplenty, and occasionally, these surprises come in the form of glitches and bugs. In rare instances, the missing fauna might be a result of a bug or technical issue within the game. These are circumstances beyond your control, and there may be no direct remedy for such situations.

In such cases, it’s advisable to report the issue to the game’s developers and keep an eye out for potential updates or patches that might address the problem. Remember, you’re not alone in your cosmic adventures, and the community of fellow explorers often shares solutions to common issues.

Wrapping Up

Completing a 100% planet survey in Starfield is no small feat, but the sense of accomplishment and the profound connection to the cosmos that it brings make it a journey worth undertaking.

With a strategic approach that involves exploring different biomes, slowing down to let fauna spawn, delving into caves, and scanning aquatic life, you’ll inch closer to your goal with each discovery.

Remember, the universe is a vast and unpredictable place, and sometimes, the journey itself is as rewarding as the destination. So, fellow cosmic explorer, embrace the cosmic frontier, and may your travels through Starfield be filled with awe and wonder. Happy scanning!