How to Find Last Alien Toy 24/25 in Disney Dreamlight Valley

by Narendra

How to Find Last Alien Toy 24/25 in Disney Dreamlight Valley Disney Dreamlight Valley’s most recent update added a lot of new content, including new quests for old characters. One of these new quests is called “Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men” and is given by Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

Your job is to find and collect all 25 of the Alien Toys that have been hidden around the gameworld. Several of these will appear in the game every day.

But this Buzz Quest has a problem, and many people are stuck at 24 out of 25 Toys. Why does this keep happening? Is there a bug, or is that last Alien Toy just too hard to find? We’re going to help you find the Last Alien Toy in Disney Dreamlight Valley so that you don’t get stuck at 24/25.

How to Find Last Alien Toy 24/25 in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This hard-to-find last Alien Toy could be hiding in a number of places. We’ll talk about all of these likely spots. So, a good place to start is with the Furniture Mode.

This will put you in a good spot to look down from above and see where it might be. Next, it could be somewhere in the dark fog. Check inside the smoke that is around the pillars in the Dazzle Beach and Forgotten Lands areas.

It could also be behind a bush or a tree. You can only see the Alien Toy’s sparkles when you are right next to it. Of course, there’s always the chance that it was born in the space between a house and a wall.

This is a problem that keeps happening with items that can appear anywhere on the map. And if all else fails, you can try lifting all the buildings, furniture, and other things in the yard to look under them. We hope that one of these will do the trick and that you will have found the last Alien Toy in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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