How to Find Curtis Garage Key in Dead Island 2

by Ami Dalsania

How to Find Curtis Garage Key in Dead Island 2 : In the chaos of Dead Island 2, the goal is to stay alive. Look for useful things, take what you can, and leave. In this guide, we show you where to find the Curtis Garage Key Location in Dead Island 2.

How to Find Curtis Garage Key in Dead Island 2

At the start of the Dead Island 2 campaign, you’ll be in a nice area where wealthy people used to live. “Once” means before the outbreak. Curtis’ house is there, along with other homes.

It’s a good place to look for supplies to steal. So, we suggest going through it carefully. You’ll soon come to a lattice door that leads to the garage and is locked.

It will tell you that you need a garage key when you try to open it. So, where can I find the Curtis Garage Key in Dead Island 2? Lucky for us, it’s not hard!

You need to go into the garage to find the key and figure out how to open that door.

There are two garage doors that open automatically for cars. Pressing the switch is what you need to do. Look at the picture below to see what kind of switch we’re talking about.

One of the garage doors will open. Have a plan! Inside the garage, you’ll have to deal with two Screamers. After you beat them, look around the first part of the garage and take all the stuff you find.

There are two wooden boxes in the back. If you break the boxes, a door will open to the other part. You can crawl through it to get to the second part of the garage.

There is a table, and among other things, the Curtis Garage key is on it. Get the key and open the lattice door that is locked.

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