How to Find Altar of Rites in Diablo 3

by Ami Dalsania

How to Find Altar of Rites in Diablo 3: In PTR 2.7.5, some players can’t figure out where the Diablo 3 Altar of Rites is. Or, they could know where it is, but it won’t show up.

In this guide, we’ll show you where the Altar of Rites should be and what to do if you can’t find it.

How to Find Altar of Rites in Diablo 3

In Diablo 3, you need to go to New Tristram to find the Altar of Rites. Head left from the teleport and follow the path around and behind the inn/barn.

The altar will be in front of you in a few seconds, right when the path turns to the right. In the picture above, you can see what it looks like.

It’s all pretty simple; there’s not much to say about it. But there are probably a lot of players who have read the post about PTR 2.7.5 and rushed to the Altar of Rites, only to find nothing there. What’s up? How come they can’t find it? Is the place different for each player or is there something else going on?

So, if you want to find out where the Altar of Rites is in Diablo 3, you need to play on the PTR instead of the live game. Find the option above the Play button and change it to “Public Test Realm” to make the switch.

But now we have to figure out why the altar isn’t showing up for people who are playing on the PTR. Well, that’s because you also have to play a character who fits the season.

If you’re not, you can’t use the altar. Once these two things are done, the Altar of Rites will appear in the right place and you’ll be able to interact with it. And that’s pretty much the end of it.

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