How to farm Neutral Element in Destiny 2

by Sourabh

How to farm Neutral Element in Destiny 2: In Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, you need to know how to farm Neutral Element if you want to move forward in the story and make some of the most powerful weapons in the expansion.

The Witch Queen expansion adds a lot of new ways to play, and Deepsight is one of the most important ones. If you need more Neutral Element, you need this ability and the Resonant Weapons that go with it. This guide will show you step-by-step how to get it.

How to farm Neutral Element in Destiny 2

How to farm Neutral Element in Destiny 2

As we’ve already said, Deepsight is one of the most important new things in The Witch Queen. Deepsight will, among other things, let you use Resonant Weapons.

You can get these red-bordered weapons by doing different things in the game and getting them from random drops. The main thing about them is that they can be “reshaped,” which means that they can be changed by using different parts.

In this system for reshaping, you’ll use Neutral Element a lot. Many players will use up all of their supplies before they realize they need 2000 Neutral Element to upgrade the Enigma Glaive, the first Resonant weapon you get.

And that’s just the beginning. Later on, many of the most powerful weapons in The Witch Queen, like the hard-to-find Osteo Striga SMG, will need ridiculous amounts of Neutral Element.

Best way to farm Resonant Materials

Putting Deepsight Resonance on Resonant Weapons is the best way to farm Neutral Element quickly. You can get Resonant Materials from Resonant Weapons that have Deepsight Resonance by tuning them.

You’ll use these materials to reshape the Resonant Weapons you already have or to make new weapons. You can attune weapons by using them in battle and doing other things in the game. You’ll get 200 Neutral Element when the Attunement Progress is done.

It sounds like a lot, but you’ll need a lot of Neutral Element, so you’ll want to attune as many Resonant Weapons as you can. Another way to get it is to level up weapons you made yourself.

Even though you’ll only get 15 of it per level, this is a much less efficient way to get it.