How To Evolve Impidimp & Morgrem In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

by Ami Dalsania

How To Evolve Impidimp & Morgrem In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Impidimp and Morgrem are two very interesting Pokemon that first showed up in Pokemon Sword and Shield. They are dark fairy types, which means they have two types from the start.

They are very strong Pokemon that should be evolved. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, this guide will tell you how to evolve Impidimp and Morgrem.

At the end of the third evolution, they turn into Grimmsnarl, a very strong Pokemon. This Pokemon has great stats and can be very helpful in battle.

This guide will also help if all you want to do is finish your Pokedex.

How To Evolve Impidimp & Morgrem In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Without further ado, here is a guide to how to transform Impidimp and Morgrem in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How To Evolve Impidimp In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

It’s easy for the clever Pokemon Impidimp to evolve. For Impidimp to evolve, they have to reach level 32. You don’t need any special items, just levels. You can level them up in different ways, depending on what you find more fun or what makes you feel most at ease. Battle is the most obvious one.

You can do this by using auto-battle, where you send them out into the Overworld to fight Pokemon there. This does give XP, but not as much as the normal Pokémon battles where you choose the moves for them.

Or, you can level them up with rare candies and XP candies. You can find these candies in Pokeballs all over the Overworld or as a reward for finishing a Tera Raid.

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When your Impidimp gets to level 32, it will change into a Morgrem.

How To Evolve Morgrem In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

For Morgrem to evolve, it needs to reach level 42. As was already said, there are three ways to do this. Which of the two types of battles you do depends on which XP farm or candies you want to use. When your Morgrem reaches level 42, it will change into its final form, Grimmsnarl.

All you need to know to evolve Impidimp and Morgrem is what you just read. Enjoy your Poke training!