How To Enter To Win A Mcgold Card

by Narendra

How To Enter To Win A Mcgold Card: Customers of McDonald’s could win a gold card and get free food for life if they enter before Christmas 2022.

US customers of the food chain can enter to win the elusive McGold Card, which gives the holder free McDonald’s for life and can be shared.

What Is The Mcdonald’s Gold Card?

Fans of McDonald’s will be able to enter the contest to win a McGold Card starting on December 5.

What Is The Mcdonald’s Gold Card?

Fans of the restaurant have heard stories about the McGold Card for years, but now the company is making it real.

“The legend of the McGold Card and whether or not it really exists has always been interesting to our fans. Now, Tariq Hassan, McDonald’s USA’s Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, says, “We’ll make this McDonald’s legend a reality for our fans by giving them the ultimate holiday gift: a chance to win a card and then share access to it with three of their family or friends.”

How To Enter To Win A Mcgold Card

Customers can enter to win a McGold Card by ordering food through the McDonald’s app for at least $1. This gets them into a contest.

Three people will get a special card that gives them free McDonald’s for the rest of their lives. Plus, each winner will get three extra cards to give away, so a total of 12 cards will be won.

The contest starts on December 5 and ends on Christmas Day, December 25. Orders made on the app before that date won’t count.

Fans of McDonald’s who want to spread holiday cheer all year long and show how much they love the food can buy at least $1 worth of stuff through the app and get access to two exclusive drops. The first is on December 7, and the second is on December 14.

The December 7 merchandise drop will include Chicken McNuggets stockings, McDonald’s Dream Order pajamas, an AM Wrapper Hoodie and PM Wrapper Hoodie with Egg McMuffin or Cheeseburger prints, and a puzzle with your favorite McDonald’s dipping sauces.

The second drop is a collaboration with Diamond Supply Co. and will include graphic tees, a hoodie, and a beanie with the Hamburglar logo.

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