How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode In Desktop

by Narendra
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Finally, Facebook has launched its dark mode feature in desktop version with ultimate design look where facebook tried to walk with a modern generation choice after saw the good response from there last year update of mobile theme design although, facebook not yet launched its dark mode theme for a mobile user but based on a guess, Facebook launched its desktop new theme where Facebook provides a dark mode and white new user interface that looks really marvelous as compared to an old classic design.

So What’s New Thing On Facebook?

Everyone knows, the first impression is the last impression and making changes is the best way to feel always new, And here also facebook always trying to put some extra effort in terms of features and user interface, for there user to not getting annoyed with an old look.

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Now with this major update of Facebook, it tried to improve its user interface by manually changing the design from classical to new-look where users can choose white and dark mode option. Morever with that new design facebook whole get a new layout. Divided as a left sidebar, top menus option and on right bar profile, messages, setting options and much more. As a result, Facebook looks a lot more systematic and cleaner design.

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How to enable Facebook dark mode (Desktop version) Latest

It’s quite a simple way to open Facebook in dark mode by just changing the new design of Facebook from classical with that you will experience new layout and UI. So no further ado let’s begin.

Step 1: Firstly, Open Facebook in google chrome browser in desktop or laptop, and log in to your account.

Step 2: As you securely log in to your account now on the upper right side corner there is one drop-down arrow click on that.

Step 3: Now look on the last second option above log out, click on that to change your design first to a new one.

Step 4: After loading the new design look of Facebook, go to the upper right side corner and again look on the last third option which is dark mode enable option to click on that to turn your white theme into dark mode theme. That’s all you have to do.

You can also revert the whole setting easily to normal classical mode by following same steps.

Wrapping Up: Enable Facebook Dark Mode in desktop

These were the steps you have to follow to enable dark mode, Soon dark mode feature will also come in our smartphone so stay tuned with Facebook and latest article.

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