How to Empty Landfills in Cities Skylines 2

by Ami Dalsania

How to Empty Landfills in Cities Skylines 2: Cities: Skylines 2 offers you the chance to build the city of your dreams, but with progress comes waste. Managing your city’s garbage is crucial, and one of the key aspects of waste management is emptying landfills efficiently.

How to Empty Landfills in Cities Skylines 2

In this guide, we’ll show you the steps to empty a landfill in the game, keeping your city clean and your residents happy.

Navigating to the Landfill

The first step in emptying a landfill is to locate the specific landfill you want to empty. Landfills can accumulate a significant amount of waste over time, so it’s essential to stay on top of the process.

Selecting “Start Emptying”

Once you’ve found the landfill you wish to empty, it’s time to take action. In Cities: Skylines 2, you can do this by selecting the “Start Emptying” option within the landfill menu. This action initiates the process of removing the accumulated garbage from the landfill.

The Emptying Process

With “Start Emptying” selected, the game will kick into action. The garbage stored in the landfill will be transported to other available garbage facilities within your city. There are a couple of destinations for this waste:

1. Incinerators

One common destination for the garbage is your incinerators. These facilities burn the trash, reducing its volume and eliminating it as a problem. Incinerators are an effective way to deal with garbage, and emptying the landfill into them ensures a cleaner city.

2. Selling Garbage

Another option, if your city is connected to other cities via roads, is to sell the garbage to neighboring cities. This can be a profitable venture and help cover some of the costs associated with waste management. However, keep in mind that selling garbage may not be as efficient as incineration in terms of immediate cleanliness.

Costs and Considerations

It’s important to note that the landfill emptying process may come with certain costs:

1. Transport Costs

As the garbage is transported from the landfill to other facilities, there may be transportation costs involved. These costs can vary depending on the distance and efficiency of your road network. Be prepared to allocate a budget for this operation.

2. Selling Garbage

If you choose to sell the garbage to other cities, you may earn some revenue. However, the income generated may not cover the full cost of waste management, so it’s essential to balance your financial books accordingly.

Efficient Waste Management

In Cities: Skylines 2, efficient waste management is a key aspect of maintaining a successful and clean city. Landfills are a necessary evil, but by emptying them effectively, you can prevent them from overflowing and causing issues within your city. Keeping your residents happy and your city clean is a rewarding part of the game, and following these steps will help you achieve that goal.


Emptying a landfill in Cities: Skylines 2 is a straightforward process, but it requires some consideration and planning. Whether you opt for incineration or selling the garbage to other cities, the key is to keep your waste management efficient and cost-effective. By doing so, you’ll ensure a clean and thriving city for your virtual citizens. Happy gaming!

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