How to Download Videos On Reddit With Sound on Desktop

by Narendra

When it comes to download videos on Reddit with sound on desktop is not as easy as you can download images on Reddit. Several times on Reddit we found interesting videos that we have to download but unfortunately, there is no dedicated option to download on Reddit.

But no worry, there are some alternate ways to download videos on Reddit with sound on desktop and mobile that you can follow.

Download Reddit Videos On the Desktop With Sound

Here in this article, we have lined up the 3 most easiest ways to download videos on Reddit with sound in which you can follow one and start downloading your favorite videos.

1. Easiest method by one click

Starting from the simplest and one-click video download method on Reddit. Just follow the below steps.

Step: 1 Firstly you have to choose the video post you want to download.

Step: 2 Now on URL of that video post you have to type ss before the

For instance: If that post has a URL

Then you have to type ss before the Reddit in URL.

Step: 3 Now hit enter and you’ll redirect to the website. Now just paste the video post URL link and download that video in full HD.

2. New Browser Extension

If you want another simplest and great way to download Reddit videos on desktop with sound then installing a browser extension is fantastic way you can try. It doesn’t matter which browser you’re using like the extension support browser like google chrome, brave, edge, firefox, or others. So you just have to install the extension and here you go. With just one click you can download any Reddit video with sound.

So now follow the below steps to how you can download Reddit video on your desktop:

Step:1 Go to the chrome web store and search and install the video downloader for reddit extension on your web browser.

Step: 2 After that click on the video you want to download and go to the extension through right corner extension option.

Step: 3 Now that extension will automatically redirect to the website and shows you the download button to download that Reddit video in HD.

These same steps work well for all the web browsers you are using.

3. Reddit Bots

With the help of Reddit bots, you can also download Reddit videos with sound on a desktop, you just have to comment on the Reddit bot. Below we have shown the step-by-step procedure you can follow.

Step: 1 First open the Reddit video you want to download.

Step: 2 Now go to the comment section and enter u/savevideo and click on the comment button.

Step: 3 Now you will get a replay with view link. Click on that and you will redirect to the download link and click on that button to download your video.

Wrapping up

These were the simplest ways to download Reddit videos with sound on a laptop. All these methods works on browser. You can also download Reddit videos on mobile by using browser a desktop and following all these steps for simple you can visit and paste the link of the video. That’s it.

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