How to Do Squad Battles Glitch in FIFA 23

by Anchal Thakur

How to Do Squad Battles Glitch in FIFA 23: In FIFA 23, a new glitch in Squad Battles lets players stand still without getting touched by the other team.

Squad Battles games that you have to play against the computer are very boring. But if you want the best prizes, you have to play them to earn points!

Now that World Cup Swaps tokens can be earned in offline mode, FUT players will have to play Squad Battles to get tokens.

How to Do Squad Battles Glitch in FIFA 23

  1. Set Squad Battles’s difficulty to World-Class or lower.
  2. This bug doesn’t work with either Legendary or Ultimate.
  3. Make sure you take the lead in the game.
  4. When you are winning, walk up to the edge of the opponent’s 12-yard box.

Before your player goes into the 12-yard box, use the left analog stick and L2 / LT to turn him around.

When your player starts walking toward your goal, let go of the left analog stick and L2/LT.
This will make the AI do nothing, and it won’t try to attack you.

Obviously, you’ll have to do this twice in the same game, because when the halftime whistle goes off, everyone moves back to where they were before.

This glitch is also very hard to get good at, so you may have to try it more than once during a game.

We suggest using players with a lot of agility because it will be easier to turn with them.

Once you know how to use this glitch, you can fly through Squad Battle games while doing something else.

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