How to Do Flashy Dunks in NBA 2K23

by Narendra

How to Do Flashy Dunks in NBA 2K23 : In NBA 2K23, you can do a Flashy Dunk, which is just one type of dunk you can do. In this guide, we will talk about what these dunks need to work. They’re a little hard to do, so you’ll still need to practice. Once you know what to do, though, it should be easier.

How to Do Flashy Dunks in NBA 2K23

How to Do Flashy Dunks in NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K23, you have to move quickly through a few steps to do Flashy Dunks. As you get close to the hoop, you need to press and hold the run button (R2/right trigger).

Then you must quickly move the right stick up and down and hold it.

This should get your player to do the Flashy Dunk with one hand. If you want to do a two-handed Flashy Dunk instead, you need to flick the right stick up, then up again, and hold it.

If you don’t time it right, you’ll probably just dunk the ball. So, I think you should go practice for a while until you know everything. It might take a while, so don’t rush.

So, that’s how you do Flashy Dunks in NBA 2K23. We can’t do much more than tell you what you need to do. From here on out, it’s up to you to put in the training.

Timing is really hard to get right, that’s not a mistake. But if you work hard, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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