How To Delete Usage History On Windows 10

by Narendra
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Hey, are you looking some way to delete your usage history on window 10 ?

Let me clear first from usage history I want to say all your windows activity for instance like whenever we operate our computer (PC) we open a lot of different applications, tabs, browsing work, and do much more activity, and all those recent activities or usage information are secretly traced by windows 10 to know about working hours & apps that we are using and that’s we are totally ok.

But the problem arises when someone wants our pc to work and we don’t let them to see our recent activities and tabs that we most use. We just want to be private not let them to see our usage things from whole computer. If you also the same person and want interest to remove all the recent activity traces or usage from PC, then this article will definitely going to help you, Here I include proper device usage history clean up ways for windows PC devices, So no further ado let’s begin to delete usage history.

Delete Usage History In Windows PC

Before proceeding further let me tell you, here I am going to delete the usage history of “App History, File Explorer History, Start Search History and Internet History in which mainly google chrome, Microsoft Edge. So let’s begin.

1. Delete Apps Usage History In Windows PC

To Clear your recent app usage history of window 10 then just follow below steps correctly:

Step: 1 Firstly, right-click on start menu or in taskbar, where you will see “Task Manager” click on that or you can also use a shortcut key: Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Step: 2 In task Manager choose “App history” tab then below you will see delete usage history, click on that to delete usage history. That’s it

2. Delete File Explore Usage History in Window PC

To clear your recent traces of windows file explore then just follow below steps correctly:

Step: 1 Firstly, Open your file explore from taskbar or by searching from “Start Menu

Step: 2 Now on the top of file explore you will see option like “Home, Share and View” Where click on view option.

Step: 3 Now click on the right last option “Options“.

Step: 4 As you click on “Options” New Pop-up window will open, where you just have to go to “General” Tab and Look below in privacy tab you will see to clear “Clear File explore history” Option-click on clear. That’s it it will automatically clear all your windows explore usage.

3. Clear Start Search History Usage in Window PC

To clear start search history usage In window PC then just follow below steps properly:

Step: 1 Firstly, Go to taskbar and click on “Cortana search bar“.

Step: 2 Now just go to Cortana settings and click on the “Permission & history” tab, After that, you will see the clear my device history option, Click on that to clear search history.

That’s it there are also another history option that you can also clear that one if you need to.

4. Delete Internet History Usage In Window PC

1. Clear Google Chrome History

No doubt, google chrome is one of the best browsers for window 10, and almost everyone uses it, so let’s start to clean browsing history from google chrome. Follow the below steps correctly.

Step: 1 Firstly, open google chrome and go to top right corner three dots option, then navigate to settings.

Step: 2 After opening of setting page, on the left side tab choose “Privacy and Security” tab.

Step: 3 Then you will see the option on right side to clear browsing data. Click on that and customize time range and data then click on clear data. That’s it google chrome history usage clear for all time.

2. Clear Microsoft Edge browser usage History

Secondly, let’s see how to clear Microsoft edge browser history usage for all time, For that just follow below steps correctly.

Step:1 Open Edge browser, and go to top right corner and click on three dots and navigate to settings option.

Step: 2 Now on the left side you will see lots of different tabs where look for “Privacy, search and services” click on that.

Step: 3 After that you will see option on right side where scroll down and look for a clear browsing data option, then click on choose what to clear, as you do new pop up window will open where just tick all the option and select time range and then click on clear now. That’s it now wait for a minute to automatic clear edge history.

Wrapping Up: Clear Windows 10 History Usage

Everything you do on the windows system is properly captured which if you want to see them all then you just have to visit “Event viewer” to open event viewer you just have to open run by pressing window + R key and type “eventvwr.msc” that will head to event viewer where on windows log, you will see all the ongoing activity history, whether its an error, update, or any type of activity that user has done. To remove all those activities you can clear logs and follow above ways properly.

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