How to Delete Uphold Account [New Way]

by Narendra

Here’s the easiest way to delete uphold account using PC and Smartphone.

Uphold is a digital money platform where one can transact in several assets securely. Like cryptocurrencies, gold, fiat currencies, stocks, and funds. Here uphold offers 84 cryptocurrencies, 50 US stocks, 4 precious metals, 36 countries with bank connectivity on top of that, 27 national currencies. Millions of users are trading and buying assets using uphold. The good thing about uphold is that it charges no fee of deposit and withdrawal.

Nevertheless, there are several reasons that users don’t like the uphold that might be complicated UI, or transaction or uphold not working, there might be many reasons that you want to delete uphold account. So, here this quick tutorial will walk you through the steps to delete the uphold account completely.

Before deleting uphold account make sure you have already withdrawn all of your funds, and assets, plus clear pending payments if any. So now you have done that, let’s see how to delete uphold account.

Step: 1 To delete uphold account you have to send a deleting request to uphold.

Step: 2 Now go to the uphold account settings and click on the privacy option.

Step: 3 After that, at the bottom select request deletion.

Step: 4 Now just enter your email address, subject, write issue, and leave transaction id blank then just submit a request. That’s it.

Now you will get a mail from uphold and within 24 hours your uphold account will be deleted.

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