How to Delete MetaMask Account

by Sourabh

MetaMask says that because of the way the blockchain works, you can’t delete an account on the Ethereum network for good.

Since it doesn’t store your information, there is no account to delete. Your ETH addresses are always on the blockchain, so you can easily forget them or stop using them if you want to.

So, if you’re using MetaMask on your phone, you can just uninstall it. If you want to get rid of MetaMask from your browser, you can do so by following the steps below.

  1. Right-click on the tab for the browser add-on.
  2. Choose “Remove from Chrome” or “Remove from any browser.”
  3. You can now see that MetaMask has been removed from your browser.
  4. Even though you can’t delete accounts you’ve made, you can still delete accounts you’ve imported with private keys or JSON.

Follow the steps below to learn how to get rid of an imported account;

  1. Click on the account icon in the top right corner to get to My Accounts.
  2. If you click or tap on the account that was imported, the account view will appear.
  3. Now, tap the right menu with three vertical dots.
  4. Choose “Remove Account” from the menu that drops down.

Can you delete metamask account?

How do I delete a second MetaMask account?

There is no way to get rid of accounts that have already been made. You can only delete imported accounts, which are external accounts that you imported with private keys or JSON.

Can I have 2 MetaMask accounts?

We don’t think it’s a good idea to make more than one account in your MetaMask wallet. If you have more than one account, you would need to keep some ETH in each one to pay for the fees that come with processing transactions.

How do I remove MetaMask from Chrome?

If you want to get rid of MetaMask from your browser, you can do so by right-clicking the icon for the extension and clicking “Remove from Chrome” (this process will be similar for all web browsers). On your phone, you can just delete the app like any other.

Are MetaMask accounts linked?

Not with blockchain data that is publicly available. Addresses are in no way related to one another. Someone who has access to your mnemonic phrase, extended private key, or extended public key can connect the different addresses, but you should never give this information out.

How do I change MetaMask?

To unlock your wallet, launch the MetaMask app and enter your password. To change the account name, long-press on it. The new name will be automatically saved. To switch to another account to rename, press the three horizontal lines menu icon at the top left and select “Account details.”

What happens if I erase my MetaMask Wallet?

You might think that resetting your MetaMask Wallet will result in the loss of the transaction, but this is not the case. Your transactions will still be there, you will know if they were successful or not, and you will be able to track them. As a result, resetting your MetaMask Wallet will not result in a loss of funds.

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What happens if I reset my MetaMask account?

When you do a wallet reset, your MetaMask Extension or Mobile app goes back to how it was when you first downloaded it. This means that your Secret Recovery Phrase and accounts are removed from the software. To get back into your wallet after a reset, you’ll need to enter your Secret Recovery Phrase again.

Is MetaMask safe?

Since the wallet is online, it is more likely to be stolen than a hardware wallet or a “cold” wallet that is not online. Like any “hot” wallet, Metamask can be used to steal your assets if there are security flaws on your device or internet connection.

Can MetaMask steal your crypto?

If your MetaMask wallet’s password or private key is somewhere on your device, hackers could find it and use it to steal any cryptocurrencies you have stored.

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