How to Delete Afterpay Account

by Narendra

Afterpay is one of the useful and popular digital payment platforms that allows users to shop without having money at that time. The best thing that makes afterpay an attractive digital payment platform where online shopper can delay their payment on purchases. On top of that, there is no interest charged for taking credit. Cool Right? Although there is fee charged system if don’t repay payment on time.

Nevertheless, there are several afterpay users that found it not useful or not able to repay payment on time or there might be more reasons like email spamming, contacting often, no need more of afterpay. So, if you are looking the way to delete afterpay account then here we have lined up the complete procedure that you can follow and easily delete afterpay account. So no further delay let’s begin.

How to delete Afterpay Account ?

Before completely deleting afterpay account make sure the pending payments are done and there is no balance left in your afterpay account.

Step: 1 Firstly login to your Afterpay Account and go to your profile.

Step: 2 Now Click on the deactivate button to deactivate afterpay account.

Step: 3 After that, give valid reason for closing of afterpay account.

Step: 4 New pop-up will open where enter your password for confirmation of deleting the afterpay account.

Step: 5 That’s it now you will get an email where after an hour your account will be closed.

To again activate the account you have to sign up or check by entering old login details.

Second Method to close afterpay account

If you found above method complicated then you can also email to the company for delete of afterpay account. To do just follow below steps:

Step:1 Open your email account and send mail to [email protected] make sure to check the address.

Step: 2 For subject type “Request to close my afterpay account”

Step: 3 Now give some explanation why you are deleting the account and send the mail.

After that, soon the management team will contact you and soon delete your afterpay account.

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