How to Defeat Jedah in Fire Emblem Echoes

by Narendra

Here is the complete details of How to Defeat Jedah in Fire Emblem Echoes. In Act 4, Jedah is a scary Beholder impersonator with tentacles who loves to call Mogalls. He is very strong and has a high defense.

How to Defeat Jedah in Fire Emblem Echoes Tips

But one of the first things you need to know about Jedah in Shadows of Valentia is that during the Duma’s Protection, it can’t be hurt. Try to have all eight characters hit it during this sequence to do some damage.

Around Turn 4, he’ll come to you himself. He’ll gain 10 HP per Turn and cancel the first three fights you start with him. To stop it, you should try to do more damage than the boss can heal.

If this first fight with Jedah sounds like a lot of work, there is a way to make it easier. If you make Atlas a sniper by upgrading him, you can use a long-range archer like Leon to kill Jedah in the first turn before Atlas attacks him as he moves toward you.

If you have a Killer Bow, you could put the Hunter’s Volley talent on Atlas, which is supposed to do a lot of damage to Jedah and kill him quickly.

Another important thing about this boss fight is that Jedah can use Grudge to defend himself from two tiles away from attackers with ranged weapons. If you have Bow Knights, it shouldn’t be hard for you to keep doing damage.

As Alm, you should try to use the Regal Sword and have allies to increase your chance of a Critical Strike and keep you healthy. You can also use the Triangle Attack skill, but keep in mind that only the Pegasus Sisters can use it.

Second Fight in Act 5: Defeat Jedah in Fire Emblem Echoes

When you fight him again in Act 5, he won’t play as well as he did in Act 4. If you are having trouble with him here, you should stack as many characters on him as you can to stop his HP from regenerating.

In this situation, it is highly recommended to use the Pegasus Sisters’ powerful Triangle Attack, equip Alm with the Regal Sword, place him near teammates who will increase his chance of getting a critical hit, or buy some Bow Knights to deal steady damage.

If you keep doing damage and healing your units, Jedah will soon fall asleep in the dirt. In the last chapter, if you beat him, all of his Mogalls are killed, which makes the game much easier.


How do you beat Jedah in Act 5?

Jedah is hard to beat because every time one of your units attacks him, he cancels out the damage. The key is that only the fifth unit that attacks the Cantor will do damage. This means that you must first send four units against him that do no damage.

Who is alms father Fire Emblem?

Is a young man from the village of Ram on the southern peninsula of Valentia. He is the adopted grandson of the famous knight Mycen, who is now retired, and was for a while Celica’s foster brother.

How do you damage Jedah?

One way to beat him is to let him use his magic until he doesn’t have enough HP to keep casting, and then attack him with a long-ranged bow. But the best thing to do would be to wait, since his “seal” wears off every four turns and makes him open to attacks.