How to Craft Rune Song Sword in Core Keeper

by Narendra

Here’s the way to Craft Rune Song Sword in Core Keeper. The way Core Keeper works is to limit what you can see, but not how you look at it. You’ll always start close to the same early game biome, which has the same basic enemies, resources, and materials. In Core Keeper, you can use many different weapons at different times. B

ut some weapons are better than others, and the Rune Song Sword is one of those weapons. It is a Legendary sword, which means it is the strongest sword in the game right now. This guide will show you how to make a Rune Song Sword in Core Keeper.

How to Craft Rune Song Sword in Core Keeper

It is not easy to get the Rune Song sword, which makes sense since it is the best weapon in the game. To make the Rune Song sword, you will need the “Rune Parchment” blueprint.

The blueprint for the Rune Parchment can be bought for 2000 coins from the merchant with the blue lantern. Once you have the plan, you will need to get the materials you need to make this sword.

To make the Rune Song Sword, you’ll need the following things.

Broken Handle

Clean Gemstone

50 Iron Bar

Chipped Blade

10 Old Gemstone

It’s not hard to find the Ancient Gemstone and Iron bars made from these materials. The rest, on the other hand, are harder to get.

You can get the Chipped Blade by using a glow tulip to open an ancient door. But there isn’t a 100% chance of getting it, so you may need to try more than one door, depending on your luck.

You can get the Broken Handle from treasure chests or from monsters in the Rock Biome area. And finally, you can get the Clean Gemstone either in the Forgotten Ruins area or in the Natural Biome area.

Once you have all the materials you need, put them and the Rune Parchment blueprint in your inventory. Then, make the legendary sword by following the plan.