How To Convert TXT File To CSV File

by Narendra

Hey, are you looking for some way to convert your .txt file into .csv file ?

We know most often whenever we download some kind of file from websites then by default it downloads in txt format “which is just just a file that contains text without any formatting” and it looks so congested, from where we need “file that having feature of formatting elements” and that automatically convert it proper format like in tabular or any format. Most people try to convert TXT file into a CSV file by changing their extension but it does not work, For that, to convert txt into csv manually here I compile ways through which you can do easily, So no further ado let’s begin.

Convert TXT into CSV

Here to convert txt into csv file we are taking Microsoft excel, the reason is it will easily open both type of file, from which we can easily convert txt into csv, you can also configure more thing before saving, So no further ado let open txt file and save it csv.

Follow below steps correctly:

Step: 1 Firstly, open Microsoft excel by searching from start menu.

Step: 2 Now as excel opened, on the left side, click on “open” option and choose the txt file that you want to convert into csv.

Note: Make sure you are check “All Files” Option.

Step: 3 Now as you open text file in excel before that new pop up window will open “Text import wizard” where you have to choose “delimited option” then click “next” button.

Now after that by default it checks on “tab” option you can tick one by one and see the preview of file below, “you can also tick “tab” and click on next button.

Step: 4 After clicking on “next button” step 3 check “general” option and click on finish button. That’s it.

Step: 5 After you have done that now its time to save it to csv file format, to do that go to file option and choose “save as” after make sure you select csv (Comma delimited) file format from (Save as type) option and click on save button.

That’s it now your .txt file format file converted into csv file format completely, it will show where you decided its path to save.

Method: 2 To Convert TXT into CSV (Online Site)

Now, In case you are hurry to submit project and you don’t have time to convert txt into csv manually then online converting site works well, but here demerit is sometimes it not properly convert file so, I mostly recommend you to use manual excel way, For now, here I also describe a way to convert txt file into csv by online site method. So no further ado let’s start.

Follow Below Steps Correctly:

Step: 1 Firstly go to your desired browser and open ““.

Step: 2 Now here upload your text file by clicking on choose file option or you can also drag and drop your file.

Step: 3 After that choose file format to csv and click on convert button, it will only take up to 5 sec to convert it properly. That’s it you have to do, now download that csv file into computer.

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