How to Complete History Mystery Lesson Objectives

by Narendra

How to Complete History Mystery Lesson Objectives: History Mystery Lesson is a set of goals in FIFA 23 that are designed to test not only your skills as a player, but also your knowledge of the sport’s history.

The Blow of Maracana, Hometown Shocker, Pinturicchio, A 1950 Magic of Grass, The Heat Battle of Lausanne, and Somersault are the six goals.

Each of these will provide you with a hazy description of the event in question, which you must then recreate in the game.

All of the FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson objectives are answered below. You will save time by not having to figure out what you need to do for each one.

How to Complete History Mystery Lesson Objectives

The Blow of Maracana: “An international game that broke an all-time record that still stands today. Play out the game.” This is about what happened when Brazil and Uruguay played for the World Cup in 1950.

Brazil lost to Uruguay 2-1. To do this, you need to score two goals while playing as Uruguay in any game mode. Next, Hometown Shocker:

“The host country was knocked out because of an unexpected final score, which shocked the whole world.” Make this match again!” In the game in question, Germany beat the host country Brazil by a score of 7-1. To finish this, you must score seven goals in one game.

Pinturicchio: “This last-minute goal of skill made sure we beat the host country and made it to the final of the biggest tournament in the world.

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Recreate the last goal that team scored!” To finish this, you need to score a finessed shot with an Italian player, like Alessandro Del Piero did against Germany in 2006.

Miracle of Grass from 1950: “Who doesn’t like a story about the underdog? “Remember it!” In 1950, England was surprised to lose to the USA. In this case, you need to get a point with an American player.

The Heat Battle of Lausanne: “A game with 12 goals and temperatures as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Two players, one from each team, put on an exciting show.

What did these two players have in common?” A reference to a 7-5 game between Austria and Switzerland that has gone down in history. One player on each team scored three goals. To finish it, you have to get a hat trick with a player from Austria and a player from Switzerland in the same game.

Somersault: “This player has scored in every international world tournament he has played in since 2002. He is one of only four players who have done this.” Recreate the trip he took.” Miroslav Klose is the player we’re talking about. You must score a goal with a German player in four different games to reach this goal.