How to complete Death From Above, buy Precision Airstrike in the DMZ

by Narendra

White Lotus has a Tier 2 mission called “Death From Above.” To finish it, you have to buy a Precision Airstrike and then use it to kill 10 enemies.

There are a few things wrong with this. First, the Precision Airstrike is very expensive and can’t be bought at every Buy Station. Second, if you are playing with other people, the kills don’t go to all of you, which makes this even harder.

Lastly, you need to know how to get 10 enemies reliably. We’ll show you how to finish Death From Above as quickly as possible, including where to buy the Precision Airstrike in the DMZ and how to use it to kill 10 enemies.

How to buy Precision Airstrike in the DMZ

It costs 12k to buy the Precision Airstrike. This is a lot of money, so doing a Radiation Contract is the fastest way to earn enough money to do it.

You should try to get at least 24,000 so that you can buy two of these PA and take out 10 enemies.

When you have enough money, you should go to a Buy Station. The catch is that the Precision Airstrike won’t be for sale at all Buy Stations.

But we have marked the spots of the two Buy Stations where we got the Precision Airstrike every time. We don’t know if this is always the case, but it has been for us so far, so we suggest you go look for it there.

How to Use Precision Airstrikes in DMZ Warzone 2

Now that you have Precision Airstrikes, you must figure out how to use them to kill ten enemies.

The best strategy here is to wait until the last exfil arrives at the docks.

Get in the helicopter and go there.

NPCs will begin to rush towards you, so now is the time to order a Precision Airstrike. Drop two of these for good measure, and you’ll almost certainly get the 10 kills you need.

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