How To Complete Coveted Invite Event In AFK Arena?

by Narendra

AFK Arena Coveted Invite event is something that’s got players talking big time. This event is a whole new ball game in AFK Arena, rolled out after the release of the v1.132 update.

It’s all about getting your favorite heroes on your team, but there’s a fun twist to it. You gotta collect these water droplets, see, and use them to grow this special plant called Fidelia.

Now, growing this plant ain’t just for kicks; it’s your ticket to getting the hero you’re eyeing for your team. So, if you’re keen on adding some new firepower to your lineup, you better get into this Coveted Invite event.

Stick around, and I’ll fill you in on what this event is all about in AFK Arena.

What Is Coveted Invite In AFK Arena?

So, what’s this Coveted Invite in AFK Arena all about? It’s a limited-time event that’s got players hustling to invite heroes to their team. During the event, you’re on a mission to complete quests and nab water drops.

These drops are super important ’cause they help you grow this precious plant called Fidelia.

As you nurture Fidelia, it goes through different growth phases, like Sprout and Bud. Each phase brings you closer to your goal and dishes out some sweet rewards. But here’s the best part: once you get Fidelia to blossom, you can send an invite to your favorite hero to join your team. How cool is that?

Now, you might be thinking, “What if I want to switch up my heroes?” No sweat! You can change your heroes in the event using 100 Diamonds. And guess what? This event kicks off from Local Time: 04/01/2024 21:00, so mark your calendars.

In a nutshell, the Coveted Invite is your chance to grow a plant and grow your team. It’s a unique twist in the game that’s got players buzzing and strategizing on the best ways to collect those water drops and grow Fidelia.

How To Complete The Coveted Invite Event In AFK Arena?

In AFK Arena, the Coveted Invite event is a real deal for players looking to spice up their team. To complete this event, your main task is to gather water droplets.

These droplets are crucial ’cause they help you grow the Fidelia plant.

But how do you get these droplets? Well, there are several quests to dive into.

For example, if you draw furniture 20 times in the Workshop, boom – you get 200 water drops. Lure beasts 10 times? Another 200 drops in your pocket.

Participate in 6 guide hunts or defeat the Labyrinth Bosses 6 times, and you’re looking at 400 water drops each time.

Make sure to log in daily during the event and knock out those daily quests for more drops. Weekly quests give you even more, and don’t forget about nailing all rewards in the Voyage of Wonders for a hefty 400 drop bonus.

Once you’ve got enough drops, it’s all about growing that plant through different stages until it blossoms. After the blossom phase, you’re rewarded with Diamonds and Hero Scrolls. You’ll need a total of 1800 water drops to see this event through to the end.

Since We Can’t Get Lucilla or Lavatune, Who Should I Pick?

-My First C&R Copy

-My First Talene Copy

-Veithael E+ Copy

So, you can’t snag Lucilla or Lavatune in AFK Arena’s Coveted Invite event. What’s your next move? Well, you’ve got some solid options.

If you’re considering your first C&R copy, know that it’s a decent pick. C&R bring a good mix of skills to the table. But, if you haven’t got Talene yet, grabbing your first Talene copy might be a smart move.

She’s known for her top-notch healing and rebirth abilities, making her a game-changer in many battles. Then there’s Veithael E+ copy.

Upgrading Veithael to an E+ can give your team a serious edge with his powerful attacks and abilities. Each choice has its perks, so weigh your team’s needs and your strategy to decide.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, completing the Coveted Invite event in AFK Arena is all about gathering water droplets and growing the Fidelia plant.

It’s a fun and engaging way to add a new hero to your team. When choosing between C&R, Talene, or Veithael, consider your current team composition and what each hero can bring to the table.

Talene’s healing powers, C&R’s balanced skills, or Veithael’s attacking prowess can all be game-changers. No matter who you pick, enjoy the journey and the strategic decisions you make along the way!

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