How to Change Shot Meter in NBA 2K23

by Narendra

How to Change Shot Meter in NBA 2K23 : The highly anticipated sequel to the popular basketball game has arrived! Of course, it has a lot of features – some are new, some are improved, and some are returning mostly unchanged, with the exception of a few minor redesigns.

The Shot Meter is one such returning feature. It is an essential tool for players who want to master the art of jump shots because it is used as a guide and indicator to show the effectiveness of jump shots in NBA 2K23.

This guide will show you how to change the NBA 2K23 Shot Meter and where to turn it on and off.

How to Change Shot Meter in NBA 2K23

For many years, the Shot Meter has been a fixture in NBA 2K games. As a result, it is not surprising to see it return in NBA 2K23.

How to Change Shot Meter in NBA 2K23

Unlike previous games, it now has more options for customizing its appearance and changing its position.

The ability to change the Shot Meter may be useful for players who find it necessary while playing but also distracting. However, the problem is that numerous players don’t know where exactly is this option to change it.

The sea of menus and options in NBA 2K23 is a little confusing. And, until you get used to it, navigating the maze of menus may be difficult.

Where is the option to change the appearance and position of the Shot Meter in NBA 2K23?

The option to change its position is only available through MyTeam.

Go to the “Extras” tab on the MyTeam main screen, then scroll down to the “Controller Settings” option.

Simply go to the “Shot Meter Type” section and select the type you want.

There are numerous customization options available. The visual changes are minor, but the real purpose of this option, in our opinion, is to change its position. Here are all of your options: The Straight Bar (Mini) Bar with a Curve (Mini) Bar with a Curve (Side) Tusk 1 (Under) Comet (High).

Turning off the Shot Meter is much easier than changing and customizing its appearance and position, This can be done from any Options menu’s “controller settings.” You’ll see the “Shot Meter” option, which you can toggle on and off.