How to Change Difficulty in One Piece Odyssey

by Narendra

How to Change Difficulty in One Piece Odyssey: The turn-based JRPG set in the world of the hugely popular One Piece anime has finally come out, and fans can’t wait to see everything it has to offer.

But as part of the experience, many players want more than just interesting stories and new worlds to explore. They want a real challenge. So, can the difficulty be changed, and does One Piece Odyssey have a hard mode?

How to Change Difficulty in One Piece Odyssey

So, is there a way to change how hard Piece Odyssey is? Let’s not beat around the bush. At the time this was written, One Piece Odyssey didn’t seem to have any difficulty levels.

There is only one set difficulty level. You can’t make any changes. It’s too bad, because most people agree that the game is pretty easy right now.

Based on what we and other online players have seen, the first few hours of the game aren’t very hard. Even for people who don’t know much about how turn-based games work, let alone JRPG veterans.

So, if you were hoping for tough fights that would test your skills, you probably won’t find them here.

“It seems like the game was made with auto-battle in mind, so just put it on auto and stop worrying about it; the gameplay is clearly not the focus here,” says Steam user Toughnails.

And we agree with him most of the time. And if you were hoping that the game would get harder as you played, don’t give up.

Most of the time, as you get close to the end of a JRPG, the game gets easier, not harder. And we don’t think the creator will add something like One Piece Odyssey Hard Mode after the fact.

For now, the only way to make Piece Odyssey harder is for someone to make a mode where you can change enemy statistics and make the game more difficult. But that’s for PC only. If you play on Xbox or PS5, you can only play on the easiest setting.