How to Change Clothes on the Boat in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

by Narendra

Not sure how to change clothes and return to the boat in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened? Our adventures with Sherlock and Watson in New Orleans will bring us to many interesting places. And Dr Watson will get some action as well! In this guide, we explain how to get rid of Barnaby’s outfit and get back to the boat after you meet the sheriff at the gem auction in the bank.

How to Change Clothes on the Boat in Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

After we leave the asylum in the middle of the Swiss Alps, our trip will take us to New Orleans, which is swampy, hot, and very humid. There, we’ll have to go to an auction for gems at the local bank, which deals in illegal gems and uses the money from the trade to pay for the whole operation back in the asylum.

And for that, our dear Watson will have to pretend to be Mr. Barnaby, a local gem dealer. Barnaby is not a very good person, which is a shame. He is well-known for being a drunk who owes money to almost everyone in the city.

So, Watson will have to deal with a lot of bad things because of this. So, as soon as we’re done with our investigation in the bank, you’ll want to change.

The corrupt sheriff will see through your disguise in the bank right away, but not before we find out enough about the gems and the important people involved in the case.

When you leave the bank and meet Sherlock, you’ll need to get rid of Barnaby’s clothes before continuing the mission. You’re told to go back to the boat and change there.

You can’t do that in public because you can’t. But when you get to your steamboat, you’ll see that you can’t use the main docking platform to get on. Is there another way in, or do you have to do something else?

You don’t even have to get into the boat. When you first got there, if you remember, the local carrier dropped all of your bags on the ground. He did it again, but this time he went straight into the Mississippi River.

If you touch the clothes that are floating around, a cutscene will happen. Lucy, who works at a brothel nearby, will show up and offer to help. Follow her from there to the brothel, where you’ll change clothes.

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