How to Catch Scatterbug in Pokemon GO

by Narendra

How to Catch Scatterbug in Pokemon GO: Scatterbug is a larval Pokémon that is black and has a pretty big head. A line that goes from its forehead to its mouth cuts its head in half.

How to Catch Scatterbug in Pokemon GO

It has big beige eyes with square black pupils, a single pointed tooth that sticks out of its mouth, and three white hairs on the top of its head. Scatterbug has three parts to its body, and each part has a pair of nubby, beige legs. It has a white fur ruff around its neck, and a big beige spot on its back.

It’s a long process that includes getting presents from Trainers all over the world. If you’re having trouble catching Scatterbug, which I don’t blame you for, this guide is where you should be. What you need to do is listed below.

How to Catch Scatterbug in Pokemon GO

In Pokemon GO, you need to run into a Scatterbug before you can catch it. How does that work? By pinning Postcards from your friends who are Trainers.

You tap on their gift to see the postcard, and then you tap the pin icon to add it to the Postcard Book. The problem is that getting postcards from the same area gives you less and less to show for it.

To meet Scatterbug, you first need three postcards, then nine, and finally fifteen. This system makes it easy to get postcards from all over the world, which is what you need to do to get to the different Vivillon patterns anyway.

You can find out more about it on the official website or in our Vivillon guide.

In Pokemon GO, this is how you get Scatterbug. Now, that’s as simple as it gets in terms of how to make it grow. You give it 25 Scatterbug Candies to turn it into Spewpa, which is a disgusting name.

Then, you need to collect 100 Scatterbug Candies to turn Spewpa into Vivillon. The pattern on the Vivillon will match the region from which the Scatterbug came (or, rather, where the postcards came from).

You can unlock a total of eighteen different patterns, which is quite a challenge. I admire the patience and strength of anyone who works so hard at something.