How To Catch And Tame Livestock Animals In Raft

by Narendra

Here is the complete details of How To Catch And Tame Livestock Animals In Raft. In Raft, there are three farm animals: a clucker, a goat, and a llama.

Eggs can be gotten from Cluckers. Both goats and llamas give milk and wool, both of which are important for surviving on the dangerous seas. The guide will tell you how to catch livestock, then tame and feed them to get resources, and finally keep them from running away.

How To Catch & Tame Livestock Animals In Raft

Large islands are the only places where you can find livestock. You’ll need a Net Launcher that fires a Net Cannister to catch them.

With 2x Scrap, 4x Plastic, 1x Metal Ingot, and 2x Bolt, you can make a Net Launcher. After that, you can use 1x Explosive Powder, 4x Stone, and 4x Rope to make 1x Net Cannister.

When you’re on a big island and you see farm animals, use your Net Launcher to shoot at them. If a farm animal gets caught in the net, you can pick it up and take it back to your raft. When a livestock animal is caught, it is automatically tamed, but that doesn’t mean it won’t try to run away.

How to Feed Farm Animals on a Raft

To feed your livestock animals, you must put them in Grass Plots. First, you need to grow (or build) Grass Plots on your raft with 2x Dirt, 6x Plank, and 4x Plastic.

Each Grass Plot grows in 5 minutes, and you have to keep giving it Fresh Water to water it. When the Grass Plot is ready, the animals in your care will eat the grass. When all the grass has been eaten, you must water the Grass Plot again.

How to Keep Livestock from Getting Away in a Raft

To keep your livestock from running away, you can build Fences out of 2x Planks around the Grass Plots to make a sort of enclosure.


How do you catch a livestock in the Raft?

Although livestock animals are not hostile, if they are not domesticated, they will try to flee when the player approaches them. Only Large Islands contain them. Livestock animals can be captured by the player using the Net Launcher. They need to be loaded onto the raft and given grass plots to eat.

Can you capture goats in Raft?

A Net Launcher can be used to catch Goats on land, just like it can be used to catch Cluckers and Llamas. Once the player has captured them, they can pick them up and move them to a different place. For the goat to make milk after being caught, Grass Plots must be used to feed it.

How do you tame llamas in Raft?

When a Llama is found, the player needs to shoot it with a Net Launcher. The player can pick it up and move it if it gets hit. Once the Llama is caught, it is considered tamed and won’t run away when the player puts it on the Raft.