How to Buy Tickets For Hangout Fest 2023, Price?

by Narendra

How to Buy Tickets For Hangout Fest 2023, Price? Hangout Fest will happen in 2023. Where can you buy tickets, and how much do they cost?

People are excited to go to the event because they just found out who will be there. We know everything about the ticket and how much it costs, which is good news for you.

If you want to know where to buy them, we can help you.

How to Buy Tickets For Hangout Fest 2023

On December 9, tickets for the event will go on sale. If you click on the link Here, you will be able to buy them.

Note that the only difference between the different levels of tickets is the price. Since there are only a certain number of seats, we will tell people who are interested to get their tickets as soon as possible.

With a 3-Day or 4-Day pass, you can go to all of the events that are happening on those consecutive days.

Price of Hangout Fest 2023

The 3-Day ticket starts at $319 for tier 1, tier 2 for $339, tier 3 for $349, and tier 4 for $359. The GA 4-Pack Tier 1 costs $299, the GA 4-Pack Tier 2 costs $319, and the GA 4-Pack Tier 3 costs $329. Don’t forget that these prices do not include the fees.

You could also buy GA Plus tickets for 3 days. The first tier costs $499, the second tier costs $539, and the third tier costs $569.

The 3-Day VIP costs $1,199 for Tier 1, $1,299 for Tier 2, and $1,399 for Tier 3.

Lastly, the first level of 3-Day Super VIP costs $1,199, the second level costs $2,199, and the third level costs $2,399.

There will be a lot of well-known artists at the event. Artists like SZA, Paramore, Lil Nas X, Calvin Harris, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sabrina Carpenter, Russ, and more.

The event will happen between May 19 and May 23 of 2023. The presale will start at 10 a.m. CST on December 9.

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