How to Buy Peep-flavored Pepsi?

by Ami Dalsania

How to Buy Peep-flavored Pepsi? Pepsi and Peeps worked together to make a creamy soda that tastes like a mix of marshmallow and carbonated drink. It should be on store shelves just in time for spring 2023.

Pepsi x Peeps was first sold in 2021, but only a few lucky people who won a contest were able to get their hands on it.

But in 2023, all soda lovers across the country can get the same thing. Here’s where you can find them.

How to Buy Peeps Flavored Pepsi?

Several news sources say that the Peep-flavored Pepsi will be sold in stores all over the US.

Markie Devo, who is a food blogger on Instagram, said that the soda is already on sale at Walmart stores in New York, South Carolina, and Springfield, Ohio. It’s also said to be available at Kroger in Cincinnati.

Reports say that the Pepsi x Peeps collection should be out sometime in February, but as of this writing, an official release date has not been given.

People say that they sell them in 20-ounce bottles. Markie shared a picture of the soda, which shows a bright yellow label around it. No one knows how much the drink will cost in 2023 either.

What it Taste Like ?

People have said that the way the bottle looks, which is expected to be in shades of pink, yellow, and blue, won’t affect how the soda tastes.

All of the cans, no matter what color is on top, are thought to have the same flavor soda, which is a mix of the crisp taste of Pepsi and the soft, sweet taste of Peeps Marshmallow.

Someone at Elite Daily who tried the same drink when it came out in 2021 said it tasted like a mix of dessert and cola, which could be a big hit with people who like both of those things.

The soda still looks like a classic Pepsi-Cola drink, but when you taste it, the marshmallow flavor is a surprise.

People say that the taste of marshmallows, which has a hint of vanilla at the end, is stronger than the typical Pepsi aftertaste.