How to Breed Epic and Rare PomPom in My Singing Monsters

by Narendra

How to Breed Epic and Rare PomPom in My Singing Monsters: We’ll talk about how PomPoms are made in MSM and what kinds of monsters can be bred together to make them. Then, we’ll talk about how to get to the next levels of PomPom. Here we go.

In My Singing Monsters, there are several different ways to try to breed a PomPom. The first one is Drumpler and Tweedle, which is probably the best one to choose.

This is because it takes their “product” the least amount of time to hatch, so they can try more times. After all, that element of chance is always present in breeding. Noggin and Pango and Mammott and Cybop are the other two teams that can make a PomPom.

Now, if you already have a PomPom, you can try to get more by breeding unsuccessfully. In that case, the best combination is a PomPom and a rare PomPom, but I know that not many people will have access to both. You can cross PomPom with Quarrister, Riff, or Noggin instead.

How to breed an Epic or Rare PomPom in My Singing Monsters

In My Singing Monsters, it’s harder to figure out how to breed Rare and Epic PomPom. First, let’s look at the Rare PomPom. Getting one of these is the same as getting a regular PomPom, but you can only do it on Special Occasions.

Watch what’s going on in the game to know when to go for it. You can also use the crossings with PomPom we talked about above and hope that a Rare PomPom comes out of a failed breeding. Even though the chances are low, it’s worth a shot.

When it comes to the Epic PomPom, things get even messier. Again, you shouldn’t try the next set of combinations outside of special events.

So, to get the highest level of PomPom, you need to combine T-Rox and Cybop on Air Island, Shugabush and Mammott on Shugabush Island, and/or Reedling and Drumpler on Earth Island.

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