How To Breed Carillong On Magical Sanctum In Msm?

by Kirti Rajput

How To Breed Carillong On Magical Sanctum In Msm? This guide will tell you which monsters you need to combine to get a chance at a Carillong. You have to deal with randomness all the time, which is a shame. We’ll also explain why Carillong is so important to begin with.

How To Breed Carillong On Magical Sanctum In My Singing Monsters

In My Singing Monsters, or MSM, you have to wait for the Crescendo Moon event every year before you can breed a Carillong in the Magical Sanctum.

Most of the time, it happens around the start of a new year. It will happen from January 18 to January 30 in 2023. That should be enough to get you a Carillong, at least in theory.

We’ll explain why there are no guarantees in a moment. Head over to the Magical Sanctum while the event is going on. Once you get there, put together a Mushaboom and a Roarick.

You’ll get an egg after a while (about a day), which you should tap. It could be a Carillong, but it might not be. It all comes down to luck, so good luck!

So, that’s how you breed a Carillon in the Magical Sanctum during the Crescendo Moon event in MSM, or My Singing Monsters.

If you miss out, don’t panic. There won’t be a year of waiting. Go straight to the Seasonal Shanty instead. Put together a Schmoochle and a Yool.

Like the last example, there is a chance that this pairing will give birth to a Carillong. Again, the gods of RNG will decide if they will be kind to you.

Now, why is Carillon such a big deal in the first place? So, it makes a lot of Shards. In that sense, it is at the top of the Magical Sanctum. Putting a Fire Bush or Travelers’ Sign next to it will make it make more Shards.